No.6: Reevaluating Nezumi & Shion’s Relationship

Well, damn.  After reading (the summary/translation) of volume 5, I have to admit, Shion and Nezumi’s relationship is way, way more complicated, way more dangerous and  volatile than I’d believed.

It’s downright frightening.

It’s not a romance, it’s so, so much more complicated than that.  It’s a dangerous dance between predators.  One with his sharp animality being slowly worn away, and the other just discovering the brutality he is capable of.  No wonder it’s so scary.  Suddenly I feel like I’m reading about a love story between two psychos.  Maybe I am.  Even if I am, it’s still amazing.

Spoilers included in the discussion after the jump:

It’s like the real danger to Nezumi, the really dangerous fact about Shion is that Shion believes in his identity as Nezumi’s dedicated soulmate.  Believes it, means it every time he says something about how he can’t stand to lose him, how he will always be by his side, how he will never be his enemy.  It’s not that he’s lying.  He’s not.  And that’s not doing all this crazy shit justice.  Shion is a monster.  He’s a monster, and Nezumi knows it and Shion doesn’t.  Not only does Shion not know he’s a monster, he’s trying with all his might to convince Nezumi that he’s not.  And if Nezumi finally falls for it, then he will be truly screwed.

Look at this.  Nezumi tells Shion not to kill because he wants him to “stay Shion.”  Doesn’t want him to be a killer, or to bloody his hands.  That’s where Nezumi doesn’t understand.  Just because Shion hasn’t killed yet, doesn’t mean he’s not a killer.  Doesn’t mean he’s not capable of killing.

Because he is.  And he will.

Nezumi thinks he’s protecting Shion from becoming a monster. But he already is one.

…how will this play out?  What happens when Shion finally kills?  I’m so excited.  I wish I could read Japanese on my own.  But until then, I will rely on all the generous fan translators out there, supplying me with wordy, wordy drugs.

Anyway, I don’t feel like I, or any of us were naiive or stupid to think we were getting a romance up until this point.  Just look at the anime.  It’s taken that dangerous dance and reduced it to endless repeatings of “You and I will be enemies.”  God, say it in every episode, Nezumi.  We get it.  And the novels are darker, for sure, but this shit is dark.

I was unsure of how things would progress after the post-kiss fight in volume four.  Based on what I’ve learned to expect expect from reading manga and watching anime, I thought that after the fight and the “descent into hell,” Shion and Nezumi were going to be some renewed, hopeful, lovey-dovey fight-for-mutual-survival heroes.  Look at all the profound affection they shared during the manhunt and as they sunk in that elevator.  And then volume five completly throws that into a blender with some nonchalant conversation about how Nezumi will slit Shion’s neck if he needs to.  Somehow, this would be an act of love.  I mean, I understand the idea of putting somone out of suffering, or stopping someone who’s a danger to you, but.

Damn,  you two are just freaking scary.  Shit is real now.  Now a kiss isn’t affection.  There are no more kisses of affection where you are.  Now, a kiss can only mean death.


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2 Responses to No.6: Reevaluating Nezumi & Shion’s Relationship

  1. Shanti Hillgrowth says:

    That sounds very confusing, I saw the first episode and I never would excpet that Shion would ever be a monster.

  2. BlueMonday says:

    Wow, I feel like you just put into words a lot of what I was feeling about this manga!

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