[GSWR 2] More Gay (ish) Webcomics

Looking for Gay/Queer/Slashable/BL/Yaoi Webcomic Reviews?

Check my Master Post of Gay Webcomic Reviews!


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I am a fan of lots of things and I want you to know about them. I'm a full-time cartoonist and I'm obsessed with glitter.
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11 Responses to [GSWR 2] More Gay (ish) Webcomics

  1. Brendon says:

    Can I suggest KaitoShuno? It’s on Smackjeeves, and while the total isn’t very original, and the arts a bit odd to begin, it’s grown and become very good, in my opinion. It’s one of my favorites. (my other favorite being Always Raining Here, so that’s my type of enjoyment.)

  2. One of my all-time favorite webcomics falls into the category of ‘gay’ webcomics. It’s called Grayscale by Demi and Ski. Their fan community is fun and active, and the artist and co-writer are super fun to interact with. The story takes place in a future distopian society where the majority of the population are ‘shifter’ races (they look like normal people, but they have the ability to shift into another form determined by their species). The two main characters are a Draconian (shifter who becomes a dragon) called Nine, and a Phoenix (ok, this one’s obvious and I won’t explain it) called Dice. Nine’s kinda like a hit-man, and Dice is a genius scientist who develops weaponized sedatives for the Phoenix police (and, unfortunately for himself, has a conscience).

    It’s over at http://www.fourfears.com. Go read it! It’s addictive!

  3. kiyoshi says:

    Might I suggest the webcomic Prince of Cats?

  4. kiyoshi says:

    Oh my, after sending in that last comment I looked at more entries on this site and realized who the author of these reviews was. Boy do I feel silly, but I’m also more excited about reading the other entries on here now. XD

    • shirofuji says:

      No worries! You’re actually not the first to make that suggestion, and I’m flattered you thought to mention it when you didn’t know it was mine! Thanks so much!

  5. mindlessadri says:

    You should review 5th and Main. It’s only 32 pages long right now but it’s one of my favorite webcomics.

  6. I run a little group on dA/tumblr called YAOIwebcomics. On our dA page we have a working list of webcomics you might want to check out. Here is the link http://yaoiwebcomics.deviantart.com/.

  7. Owl says:

    After reading your review of Doki Doki Checkmate, I knew I had to check it out immediately. And oh gosh darn it, it’s so cute! Thank you for recommending this 🙂

  8. Avid says:

    Oh Human Star only has two chapters but it’s pretty great so far. Real Bands need Electric Guitars and Two Rooks are two of the longer ones I’ve seen, though I haven’t read either in months, I remember they both did some not so typical things relationship-wise.

  9. VenusCrispy says:

    Can I suggest Spina Cage? http://comic.inkbeast.net/spina/
    It’s not advertized as gay or yaoi but it’s a redo of Beauty and the Beast and it’s two guys. And the author has said the main character is gay at least. And there are short comics on the site with gay romance in them! So I guess I am 90 percent sure it’s a gay romance too, hahah.

  10. Elephantom says:

    Can I suggest Weaponry? http://www.otherworldscomics.com/OWC/category/weaponry/
    It’s a yaoi comic with pirates and a choose-your-own-adventure twist at the end of each chapter.

    I also can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Doki Doki Checkmate. It’s so wonderful!

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