Gay Webcomic Reviews Master Post

Hi!  Are you looking for a comprehensive set of reviews of gay/queer/yaoi webcomics?  I’ve restructured my reviews  by type, so please check them out!  Last Updated 2/20/13*

  • Gay/Queer Webcomics
    • includes: The Young Protectors*,  Prince of Cats*, Ignition Zero , 14 Nights, Artifice, The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Tripping Over You, Always Raining Here, Mahou Shounen Fight!, Doki Doki Checkmate!, The Element of Surprise, Honeydew Syndrome
  • Slashable/Ambiguously Gay Webcomics
    • includes: Indigents*, 5th and Main*, Best Friends Forever, This is Not Fiction!, Demon of the Underground,  Fishbones,  Hannah is Not a Boy’s Name
  • Yaoi/BL/PWP Webcomics
    • includes: SpaceJinx, That Which Wills, Ship Jumper, Ten, Teahouse, Starfighter

On deck for review:
Sfeer Theory, Starseed, Ross Boston, Knights Errant, Lex Daemonica, Two Keys, PostScript, Young Protectors, Khaos Komix, Laws of the Game, Paradox, Devoto, Fruitloop and Mr.Downbeat, Transfusions, Cans of Beans, Purpurea Noxa, Weaponry, Longitudes and Latitudes, Demented. (Suggest more in comments!)

About Kori Michele

I am a fan of lots of things and I want you to know about them. I'm a full-time cartoonist and I'm obsessed with glitter.
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15 Responses to Gay Webcomic Reviews Master Post

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  6. 801crazed says:

    “Goodbye Chains” is one that I have been following for a while (I like it quite a bit).
    A recent one that I’ve stumbled across is “The Gardener” (which is a bit tropey but not bad).

  7. Mondophasen says:

    Zelsen is a webcomic that ive stumbled upon, it still dosent have many pages but I always like the storys you sudgest so id like to know what you think about it

  8. ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ says:

    Oh, thank you for looking into Purpurea Noxa! It’s absolutely fantastic! 😀
    And while you’re looking into more, please include a similarly themed but awesomely different webcomic called Enthrall. The art and story are done by Archia, and it is set in an intriguing world where vampires live uninhibitedly in a well-structured society as the ruling class population, while humans coexist with them according to their rules and regulations for their ‘protection’. The main story revolves around two human characters, Arin and Scarrow, as recent changes in their individual circumstances find them facing a reversal of fates. I especially love the visual effect of the B&W/Greytone/Cel shading she uses… check it out here: 😉

  9. Tanuki says:

    I agree with 801crazed, though I must add that as far as I’ve seen, “The Gardener” only exist in french -which is a bit odd with such a title, but well…

  10. Tanuki says:

    Sorry, my mistake, to see the english versions of “The Gardener” you actually just need to scroll the pages.
    And here’s the link to it:

  11. Tanuki says:

    Here is a list of gay webcomics I like. I won’t comment on their art, because I don’t usually read comics when I don’t like their art.

    Boned: the story is not very far along yet (around 23 pages), but it’s promissing… maybe: A young man wakes up alone in an unknown apartment after a one night stand he remembers almost nothing about. In his jeans pocket he finds the skullring (is it a word?) his partner of the night wore, but a parrot steels it. Later, the young man is asked by his one night stand to give him the ring. He explains what happens and although his story isn’t believed, they go looking for the ring/bird.

    Grayscale : citation of the “about” page : “It primarily focuses on the characters Nine and Dice, a dragon- and phoenix-shapeshifter living in the fictional corrupt city of Eterno. It’s hard to categorize it, as it contains elements from many genres: crime, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and comedy. Definitely rated M for violence, language, mild sexual content, and some disturbing themes.”

    gaysome : comical comicstrips; no continuing story, but quite funny (except one page, where i found the joke a bit inappropriate)

    In a kind of post-apocalyptic word, where the fear of some kind of deadly disease led to the creation of an upper cast oppressing the rest of the people by abducting potential sick people, we follow the life of 2 young bar employees, who are abducted by them. It focuses then on one of them, that was saved by one of the oppressors to function as what seens to heading in the direction of a sex slave, but tries to find out what happened to his friend and help him.
    ca. 50 pages, but the story still isn’t very far along yet.

    Charming Monsters:
    excerpt of the “About” page:
    “SO, it’s about monsters. Being charming?

    To be honest, that’s pretty much it. This story is pretty simple, and in its simplicity lies its charm.
    This story is about Noel, our poor protagonist. He’s just a normal boy, with an anormal daily life. And the anormalities are caused by the ones surrounding him, our title charming monsters, Sidney, Simon and the troupe that comes along.
    But […] why are Simon and Sidney sticking around? Why are they trying to “charm” Noel? Why is he any special?”
    So, basically, it’s about 2 boymonsters fighting trying to win over a human one’s heart and become his boyfriend. Like the author said a fairly basic story. And as it just started at the end of 2012, it isn’t very long : ca 12 pages.

    I still have quite a few titles to add I think, but I’ve have enough right now.
    So, have a good read with all that first !

    • Tanuki says:

      Sorry for the typos, I clicked “send” before re-reading my comment.
      In “Boned”, I meant: “give the ring back”, of course
      And at the end, “I’ve had”.
      It’s too bad it’s not possible to edit the comments we just wrote, here.

  12. I’ve read Two Keys, and I wouldn’t really call it a queer comic…? Not hating, just wondering why it’s here (maybe I missed something).

  13. DragonLover says:

    You should take a look at Grave Impressions! It’s got gay themes and it is kind of a mystery/romance/historical thing rolled into one. The comic is set pretty convincingly in the 1940s and has the feeling of an old noir film to it.

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