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These comics may not have any outright gay characters (or maybe not yet,) but it’s easy to envision the “bro-mance” escalating to “go-mance” if you’re inclined to read comics with that kind of eye.  Last *updated* 2/20/13.

*new!* Indigents

  • Status: Actively Updating
  • rating: 18+

Summary: In Indigents, apocalypse comes not from your usual zombies, slow and brain-yearning, but by people afflicted by a disease inspiring in them uncontrollable murderous rage.  Two young men find each other in the aftermath.  What will become of them, what is their story?

Review: Oh my god, look at this art.  This comic is gorgeous, dripping with raw detail, amazing color and lighting, and beautiful everything.  It’s rich and terrifying. Not much has happened beyond exposition and the meeting of our heroes, but both have been written excellently, so I expect the rest of this comic is going to be amazing!

*new!* 5th and Main

  • Status: Actively Updating
  • rating: 18+

Summary: A young bum begrudgingly befriends a transvestite prostitute.  Takes place in a destitute area of crime and drug deals.

Review: A young comic in which not a lot has happened, so I don’t know what the story is about yet, but we’ve met some colorful characters with strong personalities. The art is stunning, very slick and cool.  This story has a very gritty setting with some highly unlikable characters… a perfect setup for some beautifully raw storytelling.

Best Friends Forever

  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: PG

Summary: Vincent is the poor but popular jock, Teddy the rich little nerd.  They are best friends, and the scope of their friendship is tested as they navigate the usual social strata of high school.

Review: BFF is one of my favorite webcomics, and I’m following the drama with bated breath. Excellent characterization and style; the design, color and everything is solid and gorgeous.

This is Not Fiction!

  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: PG

Summary: Julian (aka. Julie, Jules) is a squat little fanboy in love with the mysterious romance novelist Sydney Morgan. He employs his best friends, straight-man Isaiah and overbearingly queer Landon to help him find out her identity and possibly marry her (or is it him?)

Review: TINF is a delightful romp with an equally delightful cast of characters.  It seems as though not much “happens” in the narrative, but the dynamic of the main trio makes it wildly interesting and funny.  Drawn in a fun, loose style that is stylistically solid and full of energy.

Demon of the Underground

  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: PG-13

Summary: A sassy, mysterious brat named Pogo falls several stories and wakes up in dangerous underground territory.  How will he survive and what are his secrets?

Review: Gorgeous art, engaging story, and fascinating universe.  Pogo is a fantastic character, full of snark and sympathy, and it hard not to fall head over heels for his adventure.  Love it.  On the darker side.


  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: 16+ for violence

Summary: A geeky teen grows up with a best friend in a mafia family.  They become companions and allies in a world otherwise rather lonely for them.

Review:  This is not a gay comic at all, but the fabulous friendship between the boys in this story is intense and beautiful.  It is well written (it was a novel first) and very cleanly rendered.  You will be sure to love every character.  Includes some mob and bully violence.

 Hannah is Not a Boy’s Name

  • Status: Permanent Hiatus
  • Rating: 13+

Summary: Unfortunately named Hannah joins forces with an undead detective and they have adventures with a cast of incredibly colorful characters, including vampires, ghosts, and werewolves.

Review:  The design of this comic is phenomenal- each page is a work of absolutely brilliant art-and-typography design.  And the characters are rich and exciting and flawed.  This is a gem of a comic, but it unfortunately hasn’t updated in years and is likely permanently abandoned.  This comic has a huge slash fanbase, though none of the characters appear gay (though something might be said for the hipster vampire.)  Hannah and his unnamed undead partner make a great team with an immediately touching connection.


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  4. ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ says:

    Update: Unfortunately 5th and Main has been on hiatus since Nov 2012, and chances of it returning are very slim according to Astro, its author. I hoping that would change though… it is indeed quite stunning and awesome work!

    • NeonGreenGummieBears says:

      I know 😦 That makes me sad. i’m not going to lie, I’m completely invested In JJ and Jackie (Preferably together.) I miss them already.

  5. anon101 says:

    I click on 5th and Main and it brings me to some domain page asking if I would like to purchase it. I cannot find 5th and Main anywhere and would love to read it. Could some please give me some thing to download it all or a direct link to a place where the comic definently is. it would be much appreciated.

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