Yaoi/BL/PWP Webcomics

Gay Webcomic Reviews; Category: Yaoi or “Plot? What Plot?”

These comics identify as yaoi, follow standard BL styles/tropes, or exist for the depiction of idealized or exploitative gay sex (but that doesn’t mean I’m calling the things on this list bad.) Some do contain what I consider to be harmful themes and they will be marked with *warnings*.


  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: 18+

Summary: Benedict orders a jetbike but ends up receiving a horny android named Florian.  Sexytimes ensue, sometimes in the form of a competitive threesome.

Review: A lighthearted romp of sexy spacetimes, lots of fun and very silly and sexy.  The yaoi throwbacks (ironic [?] sparkles and flowers) are a nice touch.  The art is great and the comic is just straight-up (ha ha) fun!

  • Status: Complete
  • Rating: NC-17

Summary: A beautiful dark wizard attends a party out of obligation.  He finds something more interesting than mingling to do with his time there.

Review: A short fantasy story that is perfect, gorgeous, and sexy.  Good for a quick little thrill.

Ship Jumper

  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: NC-17
  • *Warnings: Contains non-consensual sex*

Summary: Horny and capable Piper gets shipwrecked with the rival he’s been lusting after for ages.  Things get predictably sexy.

Review: The writing jumps around a little, and the art is still heavily developing, but it’s sexy and fun, and at times dark and meaningful.  Horny-drug plants aside.


  • Status: Online portion complete (continues in print)
  • Rating: PG-13

Summary: An amnesiac BAMF stumbles across a vagrant who reminds him of someone from a past he can’t remember.  Unresolved sexual tension abounds as they grow closer.

Review: Apparently not a No.6 AU doujinshi (the characters just look very similar at first glance,) Ten is a standard BL style comic with pretty characters and lots of UST.  Exciting and tense but not yet particularly original.


  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: NC-17
  • *Warnings: Fetishizes sexual slavery*
  • *Warnings: Depicts abusive relationships*

Summary:  Follows the goings-on of a brothel, and the sex and love-drama therein.

Review:  This is a well-known yaoi-style comic.  The art is very smooth and the writing is decent- the characters have a lot of personality and gorgeous costumes.  Everything is highly explicit.


  • Status: Actively Updating
  • Rating: NC-17
  • *Warnings: Contains non-consensual sex*
  • *Warnings: Depicts abusive relationships*

Summary:  Follows the life of a “navigator” of a military space ship.  He is paired with a fighter, who promptly forcefully beds him.  Everyone’s motivations are suspect.

Review: Also well-known, Starfighter’s story is a little more complicated.  The universe design (spaceships, etc) are fantastic and beautiful, and the plot is heady and full of mystery.  The characters are slow to reveal their full personalities, but are fully-formed.  Lots of very sexy, rough, sex.


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